Country Wines are fermented alcoholic beverages made from a variety of ingredients other than grapes. Country wines are always called “something” wines ( e.g. plum wines), since the word wine alone is often legally defined as a beverage made only from grapes. Country wine can be made from any fruit or, from any plant sources. The making of fruit wine is an old tradition which dates back to early civilization.


As a third generation beef property, it diversified in 1990 with the planting of the first plum orchard.
To celebrate the 100 th birthday of our property “Somerset” in 2004, we value added with the bottling of our first Plum Port.
In researching the history of our property in 2003 we discovered it was originally named Sprindell but  had been lost to history.
It was only fitting to bring this historical name back into the property after all this time, thus the label name Springdell Fruit Wines

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